Los Angeles – The Capital EDM of The World

go asi vidal – best dj!


it’s quite apparent that the electronic dance music movement has majorly influenced cities around the globe. EDM has completely taken over. In the world we live in today, electronic music represents the sound of the future, and its diversity in sound stems from its growing popularity in over 100 countries worldwide.

Major Dj / Producers of Los Angeles:

Asi Vidal

Asi Vidal, International DJ, producer and re-mixer. Also known as O.C.V and Dj Asix,  Asi Vidal is one of EDM’s most innovative artists. Recently, Asi has gained popularity through his original Electro sound,  The keyword that describe’s his productions and dj sets is High ENERGY.

Mat Sonne

Sonne Mat  is killing it right now in the EDM scene. Also hailing from LA, mat has proved to be one of the biggest producers of all time due to his undying diversity and powerful beats. Mat is well versed with the music industry as a whole…

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