5 Amazing Facts About DJ’s That You Won’t Believe

This 5 Jaw Dropping Facts You Won’t Believe

01 If a dj puts one hand in the air the music become 4 times better

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02 if a dj put 2 hands in the air the music may help you feel high

Asi Vidal Electro Club

03 if a dj faces away from the deck it most likely a pre recorded set

Steve aoki

04 pre recorded sets gives the djs more time take cool pictures and make hand movements


05 There is a new type of dj’s that can play wirelessly



Los Angeles Electro Club Kings

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Los Angeles’ electronic music scene is Buzzing out over new Talented Dj’s and Amazing P. These artists–all world-class producers of EDM – Deep, Future Electro, Trance and Progressive,  genres that Rocking the crowd at L.A Electro Club parties.

Asi Vidal 

Asi Vidal Electro Club Asi Vidal Electro Club

Asi Vidal is the new Dj in Los Angeles Club Scene, fast gaining support and following, His style is very energetic, Always Groovy, Pumping and juicy electro beats.

His line of Parties “Electro Club” is becoming big and attracting lots of clubers and EDM Lovers in L.A.

Asi Vidal founded Rhino Star Records in 2010, The mission was to build and strengthen the Electro House scene in Los Angeles and The rest rest was history.

Sound: Electro, Future House, EDM



Mackenzie Johnson, better known as MAKJ, His creativity and diversity as an artist have shown through in his production and dj sets, His dedication to his craft and ambition giving  him a strong local momentum.


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